Real-name Registration

Application of Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards

According to the Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation, staring from 1 Mar 2022, Barkadahan sa SmarTone card users (including voice, data and/or short message services (SMS) SIM cards) must complete real-name registration with their telecommunications service provider in order to activate or continue the use of SIM card service.

New pre-paid SIM card users
Required to be registered before use
Existing pre-paid SIM card users
Required to complete real-name registration before 23 Feb 2023

Real-name Registration of Prepaid SIM offer

From now on, your Real Name Registration of prepaid SIM card will automatically become VIP member and enjoy year-round privileges!

Period Item
3 Months after Verification $20 Recharge Voucher

Birthday Month 800 SPoint

  • SmarTone reserves the right of final decision of the offer and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice

How to do registration:

Registration Requirement

(Aged 16 or Above)
(Aged Under 16)
Required items & documents
  • Valid pre-paid SIM card to be registered
  • HKID/ other identity document
  • Valid pre-paid SIM card to be registered
  • HKID/ other identity document
  • HKID/ other identity document of endorsing adult
  • Valid pre-paid SIM card to be registered
  • Valid Business Registration Certificate
  • HKID/ other identity document

Quota (Each telecommunications operator) 10 Max. for each individual 10 Max. for each individual 25 Max. for each business/corporation

Tips for uploading an Identity Document

Hong Kong residents must use HKID cards for Real Name Registration.
If an individual user does not have a HKID card, he/she can use other valid identification document (such as valid travel document or passport*) as specified in the Regulation for completing real-name registration.


Mag-take picture ng identity document sa ibabaw ng plain white surface at dapat nasa center ito


Walang mga daliring nakaharang sa HKID

Mag-take picture sa may maliwanag na ilaw


Bawal selfie na picture, kay bes na lang yan

Dapat kita buong harap ng Identity Document at malinaw lahat ng information


Malabo na pictures at madilim / bawal nakaharap sa salamin

For any enquiry, please call our Barkadahan sa SmarTone service hotline at 1772244